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Psychic Training

Here’s some info about our “Psychic Training Program”.

Would you like to develop your intuition so that it really serves you in your daily life? Perhaps you even know that you have a “Psychic Gift”, but you’re not yet sure what to do with it. In this weekly seven month program, you will fully develop your psychic abilities. You’ll learn many ways to access Divine information, discovering which tools work best for you. If you’re serious about using your Divine Gifts to serve yourself and others, this is the place for you.

This program includes:
*Weekly class sessions
*Notebook and all materials
*“Psychic Reading Sessions” where you can practice what you’ve learned
*Coaching to help you fulfill your true potential

Contact me about the monthly price for this program.
We accept most major credit cards.

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Kim’s psychic class is without a doubt one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had.  She is much more than a teacher; she Inspires us to develop our intuition and psychic abilities to better serve ourselves and this world.  She is an energetic and accomplished instructor, orator and coach; any class or seminar that Kim offers will be an experience worth having! – 

Kathy Mills

Technology VP, Career Coach, NLP Practitioner

“I never really felt I had any psychic gifts, but taking The Psychic Training Program showed me that my intuition and ability to coach (say the right things to people when they need it) were all part of a gift. I don’t consider myself to be truly psychic, but I trust my intuition a lot more than I ever did. Kim and Peter provide a supportive learning environment for self-discovery.”