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Here are some of my press pieces:

 I was on 9News (Denver, Colorado) talking about 11-11-11:

I was featured on a BlogTalkRadio Interview with DavetheMystic on 8/8/2011:

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I was one of the psychics interviewed on “Lakewood Open for Business” as part of a feature on Full Moon Books – October 2010.

I was interviewed for a one hour segment on Rick Barber’s show on KOA on 8/14/08 taking calls from all over the country.

I was was briefly interviewed by Murphy Houston on KOSI on 8/8/08 talking about the importance of the date.

I was interviewed on 9 News (Denver, Colorado) about 8/8/08:

8-8-08 only happens once every century and that has many prepping for their wedding day Friday. Expectant mothers are hoping for a memorable birthday for their little ones, who if born today, will have a strong “life path” number… Read the full article at

Please note – I’ve lost the link to this story. I’m working on getting a new copy. Thanks.